Monday, November 8, 2010

Ever heard of St. Dalfour Cream?

Have you ever heard of St. Dalfour cream? It claims:

ST. DALFOUR CREAM is guaranteed and proven to be effective in removing pimple scars, skin allergy scars, dark spots, freckles, blackheads, wrinkles, and all other skin blemishes and impurities. It effectively whitens skin giving you a clearer, fairer, healthier and more beautiful glowing skin. 

No harmful ingredients. NO MERCURY, NO BLEACH, NO HYDROQUINONE. It’s made up of Natural/Organic Ingredients that can be found in the countries of Middle East. This product is authentically made and imported from Kuwait. 100% Effective!

St. Dalfour Cream users enjoy excellent beauty experience. In fact, after their first applications in the night time, they immediately feel and see the amazing results of smoother, whiter and glowing skin the following morning. 

I was in Abu Dhabi visiting my sister when someone sent me a message via faceebook that they are selling authentic St. Dalfour Creams. Since it was summer when I was in AUH, my skin started to darken (mainly because I refuse to wear sunscreen any given day there). Thus, I started to get worried how my knees remained dark even after I got my natural skin color back. And when the message came, it was like the answer to my prayers! A whitening product that promises results! and I didn't realize how effective it really was till later.

Without giving it any thought, I placed my order and got a package. I was to excited to come home to dear Pinas as I know my goodies are there waiting for me! 

I'm not after white skin, just an even skin tone ^_^ 

Long story short, here's my take on the product.

My cream was the beige one and blue cap (yeah, just day if u wish the blue cap or white cap!). And it was only a week after I got my goodie that St. Dalfour isn't really a cream but a brand name for jams and jelly! No wonder it sounds familiar, we used to have St Dalfour sweets on our dear old ref!

 The cream looks beige and is really, really, really oily!! It looks I have used half of its contents, I just took some and placed it in another container to avoid contamination..Im using it 3-5 consecutive days, then resume again after 12-15 days.

So does it really work?? I was scared of using it on my face after having read some of its side effects, so I tried it on my knees and feet.It really does work! My knees is blending hahahaha! and my feet, pardon my feet ;) , well, AMAZING!

                                    Before. Ugly, dark and pronounced lines 

                            5 Days after. More even skin and ugly spot almost gone! 


Isnt it a wonder just how effective this is? Results are really fast and they beat those products coming from dermas I tried asking for creams to make the ugly spot in my feet disappear. If I may say, as much as this product is a wonder (has been around since 2007 or 2008) and love its effect on my poor feet, I am not recommending this to anyone who wants a flawless skin.

What not to like?
  1. The product uses old and used bottles of ST. Dalfour
  2. The concoction of the product differs with each supplier and seller.
  3. The concoctions say it has a special ingredient, am I hearing MERCURY
  4. Prolonged usage (2-3 years of veryday use) leads to an extremely sensitive face beyond help
  5. Smell? (uhm I for one love its smell, but those who hates musk and woody scent will hate this)
  6. Either too expensive or too cheap price
  7. No assurance if the product is ORIGINAL
  8. Not BFAD approved
  9. Can cause serious, really serious allergic reactions to the face
  10. Claims to have come from Kuwait but when I tried asking friends in Kuwait, its so unheard of! 
Makes you wonder how it removes impurities without bleach and chemicals in just a week

The list goes on for some people I Know...

Then again, What I like: I love its scent and the fact you can results ASAP

However, once Im done with this bottle, Im not purchasing it. Im going back to scrubbing, exfoliating and moisturizing my skin to get that even skin tone ^_^

How about you? Have you tried this? or want to try this? 

I'm not telling anyone not to try this or hate this, Im just sharing my thought on this one ;) 



donnarence said...

dear be careful.. this has been banned by the FDA for high mercury content.. and saw it on the newspaper too..


khryz said...

yeah i will ^_^

im thinking of not finishing the bottle anyomore.. that hight mercury content is so scary!