Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nyx Runway Collection in Romance

This is my is my first review of one of the products I have.

So here goes!

Let me introduce you to Nyx Runway Collection in Romance. Sad to day, before I purchased this palette, there is not much review about this product, and I took the risk of buying it and I sure got lucky! I super love this!!

NYX products are not sold locally and must be purchased online thru online sellers, but I got mine from an online seller who's based in my hometown! Isnt that great? I saved on shipping! Yippeee! 

It is a 10-color eye shadow palette in hues of bronzes and browns. The top part shades have somewhat kind of slighty chunky glitters which I don't mind at all. The rest are shimmery. ^_^ 

They are quite pigmented and stay all day on my eyelids!!  
Sorry for the not so good pics, Im using my mobile to take the pics.. But in person, the colors are pretty ^_^ 

 quite obvious which shades i use the most 

 Swatch time!!

 w/o flash
Swatch of with the bottom shades: L-R - mostly copper and bronze family with the last e/s shade light yellow to gold and is my fave from the group. This my highlighter ^_^ and to be fair, its one of the nicest highlighter for the browbone I have seen. 

Swatch of the Top Shades: L-R: Cant say which family this belongs to but it includes: white (chalky, most useless!), medium brown, pink (my fave!), dark brown-black and lightest brown.

Kinda hard to know the exact name of the shades as they don't have any labels at the back. Would have been nice if they did.

Well, I have been using them for the past few days. Texture and colour payoff wise, I would say the quality is quite impressive. Their frost or satin textures are great. They aren't glittery, or chunky, uhm except for one colour that is a little too powdery. But overall, the texture is easy to work with in terms of application and blending.  

Basically, its just your usually neutral eyeshadow palette. And this palette is very much suited to warm or olive tones ^_^

 -cheap (PhP 470 )
 -great quality

 - not available locally
 -brushes that come with it are so-so

Overall, this is a great catch with 10 eyeshadows complimenting each other. Just don;t expect that this is as good as MAC and other high end products though. But for its price, its defnitely a steal!!! The colors stay true to shade!

Hope you find this helpful ^_^



Akiko said...

I think SUESH sells NYX products... Im not sure.


khryz said...

i got mine from Carefree shopper via multiply though limited stocks..
will check Suesh ^_^

Shopcoholic said...

gorgeous colors! i really love neutrals.

Anonymous said...

love the colors..
you could do a smokey look when you wish to have a change from neutrals
love them

lollie said...

mmm, those colours go so well together. id want to wear all of them together!
follow and ill return the favour!

khryz said...

true.. they go so well together ^_^

following u :)

Askmewhats said...

Congrats on your blog! :) Keep writing and hope to see you sometime! take care!

khryz said...

@nikki: thanx Nikki ^_^ tc to0 ;)